Monday, December 04, 2006

Schott's "Bibliognost's Handbook"

The problem with reading newspapers online is that it's much easier to miss things than if you've got the paper version in front of you. Hence, thank goodness for Ed at Bibliothecary, who passes along "The Bibliognost's Handbook" [pdf] from yesterday's New York Times Book Review. Drawn up by Ben Schott, the author of three volumes of miscellanies (and now a 2007 almanac
which I'm slowly making my way through), the handbook has some great "Biblio-words", a few "Odd Book Titles" (and they are), and a section dedicated to Biblical misprints (quite amusing).

Ed bounces off this to discuss author Andrew Lang, (who I clearly have not read enough of!), so make sure to read his whole post.