Sunday, March 04, 2007

Links &c.

- There's a very nice write-up of LibraryThing in today's New York Times. LT's Tim Spalding says of the piece "It's everything we could have hoped for - sympathetic, book-focused (albeit in the business section), member-focused (with photo!), and with none of the common misunderstandings." I agree, it's an excellent and very positive piece, and well-deserved! [Note: I was interviewed for this article, but, well, cutting room floors and all that.]

- Bookride comments on the likelihood of a first edition of Wuthering Heights showing up online (the odds aren't good, they suggest).

- BibliOdyssey has some great botanical illustrations by Georg Dionys Ehret (1708-1770).

- Michael Lieberman at Book Patrol mentions a new bookstore in the Netherlands which is housed in a converted 13th-century Dominican church. Beautiful! He also announces the first annual upcoming Book Blog and Web Awards, which should be fun.

- Scott at Fine Books Blog posts on the upcoming Leipzig Antiquarian Book Fair, and also links to the English-language catalogue.

- Lew Jaffe's just back from a trip to DC, and has some Washington-related bookplates on display this week.

- The YouTube biblio-clips of the week: "New York's Street Booksellers" (via Book Patrol); a clip from the British Antiques Roadshow (which is followed by a fairly funny spoof of the show) (via Fine Books Blog); and "Signed First Edition", which Joyce calls "A tale of eccentric book collectors, a yard sale and a novel that may be worth thousands" (via Bibliophile Bullpen).