Saturday, March 03, 2007

Maps Stolen from PA Dealer

Seems every day now I'm passing along another theft notice. This one's from Pennsylvania:

"Approximately 50 antique maps were stolen from Ted L. Canaday Old and Rare Books, in Harrisburg, Pa., sometime between Feb. 8-15. The total value of the maps amounted to nearly $20,000. Most of the maps were copperplate engravings from the 18th and early 19th centuries, with a few exceptions dating as early as the 1580s and as late as the middle to latter parts of the 19th century. All of these maps should be considered uncommon within the
general antique trade, and several unusual enough to warrant attention within the smaller circle of antique map specialists.

All of the maps were housed in hinged mats, which allow the front matting to be flipped over, so that the map can be removed for inspection. It is generally thought that these may be discarded by the thief.

Unusual items that should raise immediate attention include:
- A manuscript map of early oil territory in Pennsylvania;
- Four Blaeu / Martini maps of Chinese provinces;
- Three maps by Stackhouse, with particular note for his North American example;
- Seale's map of the African Coast.

A detailed list of maps will appear in the March 21 issue of Antique Trader.

Anyone with information regarding these maps should contact Ted Canaday at 717-574-0092 or by e-mail at canaday[at]"

[Update: More here, including a more complete description of some of the stolen items and the offer of a reward.]