Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Miniature Book Exhibit at BPL

The Boston Globe features an article about the newest Boston Public Library exhibit: Miniature Books: 4,000 Years of Tiny Treasures. The exhibit opens tomorrow and will run through 2 September. Tonight at 6 p.m., curator and bookseller Anne Bromer will speak about miniature books and the exhibit.

David Mehegan writes "The range of objects in the show, most of them a couple of inches head to foot, is eclectic, including an illuminated manuscript of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, a set of the complete works of Shakespeare (2 inches high and said to be perfectly readable), a book illustrated by Picasso, the smallest Bible in the world (chained to a minuscule lectern), and the world's tiniest world atlas."

A sister exhibit is being mounted at the Grolier Club; that one was curated by Julian Edison, a collector of miniature books and the co-author, with Bromer, of an accompanying book.

Once I've had a chance to see the exhibit I'll probably post some more about it.