Monday, April 30, 2007

So Many Goodies, So Little Time

I've discovered a downside to Google Reader - I find far too many things that I want to write posts about. Here are a few from today:

- A new issue of Bonefolder is out, and is available here (pdf). Designed for bookbinders and book artists, this journal always has some very neat articles.

- From the Independent, news that the Archimedes Palimpsest (previously discussed here) has yielded yet another layer: "an essay on Aristotle written approximately 1,800 years ago." The newly-discovered piece is a critique of Aristotle's Categories, believed to have been written by Alexander of Aphriodisias. The article has extensive background on the Palimpsest as well.

- That new Library of Congress blog is going strong: Matt Ryan points out LC's 'Today in History' highlight (Washington's first inaugural address, 1789) and also has some updates from an important ceremony this afternoon in which German Chancellor Angela Merkel presented a 1507 Waldseemüller Map to the American people. This, the only known original copy of the map was purchased for $10 million from a German prince [updated: the webcast is now available here].

- From Book Patrol, comments on the John Adams and Thomas Jefferson libraries and their contrast to the presidential libraries of today. Michael adds "It would be great if they were indeed libraries and did house the books that were in our President's personal library. It would tell us so much about our leaders though leaving it to one's imagination to wonder what books might be in a particular president's library is half the fun. I propose that every candidate have a Shelfari page so we can see what books are in their library. I know it would help me decide who to vote for." My vote would be for LibraryThing, of course, but in principle I agree with Michael's idea. All the candidates are on Facebook, so why not show off their books?

- And a very interesting profile over at ephemera: spirit photograph collectors.