Thursday, April 26, 2007

Some Mid-Week Must-Sees

Over at Fine Books Blog, Scott's had a number of good posts this week that I wanted to pass along lest they get lost in the shuffle:

- False Issues looks at the question of "faux-points" - aspects of first printings which some dealers play up as variants or different states when in fact they appeared in the entire print run. Scott says he's going to be collecting these, so if you come across any, pass them along.

- In the Real World concerns "a few things that you can't find online," including the new issue of McSweeney's (there are magnets involved), an illustration in the May issue of Harper's, and a reprinted Vonnegut essay in the May Atlantic (which is online for subscribers; let me know if you'd like the e-version [update: actually it's online for everyone, here]).

- Poets House is a short profile written for the magazine that didn't quite make it, but it's nice that Scott's posted it for us all the same. It's about a free "poetry spa" (library, really) in New York, which sounds like a very intriguing place indeed.

Also, Ed at Bibliothecary has added a(nother, he's getting prolific!) section (Author! Author!) to his wonderful site. He'll be posting author interviews there, and if the first of these (with Cordelia Frances Biddle) is any indication, this will be a great addition to the Bibliothecary universe.