Thursday, April 05, 2007

Most Stolen Hocking Books Recovered

A short AP notice from late last week escaped my notice until this morning, but it's good news to pass along: 443 books stolen from the home of the late Harvard philosopher William Ernest Hocking back in February have been recovered.

"[Madison, NH] Police Chief John Pickering says investigators were led to the 443 books, in Madison, by a tip last week. He said the recovery will not result in immediate arrests, though police have identified suspects and gotten some good clues from the discovery. The owner still is compiling a list to see if other books still are missing."

Excellent! Hopefully those "good clues" will pan out and those responsible will be brought to justice, or at least what passage for justice when it comes to book thefts in this country. Probably the "tipster" was the thief and will get a gold medal for good citizenship or something equally ridiculous.

[h/t Kurt Bodling, Ex-Libris]