Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Nostradamus Collection on the Block

Over at Fine Books Blog, Scott Brown previews the upcoming Swann sale of the late Daniel Ruzo's Nostradamus collection. "Ruzo, a Peruvian attorney, built the most comprehensive Nostradamus library in private hands." This sale, which is set for 23 April, will include unique copies of Nostradamus' earliest almanacs, as well as more than 35 pre-1800 editions of the Prophecies.

Scott comments on the very low estimates Swann has placed on these items, adding "My prediction: These books will sell for quite a bit more than their estimates. The most recent sale at auction of Les Propheties was in 2000, when a 1568 edition reached about $3,500. The first English edition last sold for roughly the same price in 2001. The lone copy listed online is priced at $13,500. No almanacs have sold at auction in at least 30 years."

I'd agree with that prediction - particularly for the unique almanacs, I can't imagine that the bidding will be anything but fierce.