Sunday, April 08, 2007

Links &c.

- If you haven't made Bibliopolis a regular stop, I highly encourage it. It's a great biblioblog clearinghouse, and has quickly become indispensible.

- Travis McDade has some more on the McTague case, noting that McTague's lawyer used to work with the U.S. Attorney's office in Philadelphia, prosecuting "sales of stolen art and manuscripts."

- fade theory points out a new online exhibit from the University of Cincinnati libraries, "The Shape of the Book." Fairly basic, but worth checking out.

- From BibliOdyssey, Franciscus Valentin's 1726 collection of fish images from Indonesia and Ceylon and a great selection from "The Book of Curiosities".

- Reading Copy posts on ABE's new "not-book" (Nineteen Eighty-Five: Things are Looking Up by George Orwell).

- Ian has more thoughts on the Boston fair, and also a few comments on Bookride.

- Ed's got the fourth chapter of The Quaker City up, and has also created a site on the gravesite of George Lippard.

- Over at Critical Mass, they link to Scott McLemee's Inside Higher Ed column on the republication of Cawdrey's dictionary (1604). Joyce also commented on this; I'm excited for the reprint.

- Scott at Fine Books Blog has much excellent background information on the happenings at Heritage Book Shop. There will be more in the upcoming May/June edition of Fine Books and Collections.