Sunday, April 22, 2007

Links &c.

- The Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art (near Millersburg, PA) has mounted a new exhibit centered around the life and work of John James Audubon. "The Mysteries of John James Audubon" will include not only a copy of Audubon's elephant folios but also "a life mask formed on the face of the man himself to some paintings, drawings, prints and personal possessions, some of which have never before been seen by the public." The exhibit will run through 29 September.

- "Dickens World" (Chatham, Kent) opened this week. Yes, there is a Dickens theme park. More here, at Reading Copy.

- Ed's got a few things for us this week: new Lippard chapters, a gluttonous feast, and some thoughts on Shakespeare's jokes.

- At Book Patrol, Michael posted this week on the re-emergence of a famed plagiarist as cheerleader for the elimination of newspaper book review sections, the reader/collector continuum. He also has comments on the Streeter sale and the developments at Heritage.

- From BibliOdyssey: the art of Sergei Tyukanov, and a spectacular miscellany.

- Bookride profiles the first edition of Frankenstein.

- At Upward Departure, Travis has two posts (here and here) this week on book thief David Breithaupt.

- The Millions offers up a walking tour of New York City's independent bookshops.

- The Book Trout folks have started up a nice annotated list of biblionovels, and also note the upcoming celebrations to mark the 'birthday' of William Shakespeare.

- At BiblioHistoria, a review of Kurzweil's wonderful The Grand Complication.

- Biblio-Technician has discovered a few volumes of Sabin on Google Books; hopefully the whole thing will be up there at some point, but it could take a while.