Friday, June 29, 2007

Botanical Illustration Exhibit in NYC

The New York Times highlights what looks like a very interesting exhibit at the New York Botanical Garden, "Paradise in Print."

"A selection of watercolors, folio editions, rare books and prints from the 18th through the mid-20th century - organized by Jane Dorfman, Marie Long and Stephen Sinon of the Botanical Garden - illuminates a number of historical events through tales about plants."

The exhibit description adds "The works tell stories of the Caribbean's natural history, exploration by Europeans, sugar trade, and more. And, of course, you'll see mesmerizing illustrations of the region's vibrant flora, from plumeria to passionflower. Discover 500 years of Caribbean history and culture and see the region through the eyes of the early explorers and colonists."

The Times story runs through several of the exhibit sections, which include examinations of some of the major Caribbean commodity crops through contemporary illustration, natural history expeditions like those of Mark Catesby, and early illustrated works showing off the region's flowering plant diversity.

"Paradise in Print" accompanies the NYBG's "Caribbean Gardens" exhibition, and runs through 19 August.