Friday, June 15, 2007

Indian Book Thieves Nabbed

Three men have been arrested in Hisua (Nawada district), India for the theft of Gulistan, a Persian manuscript written by Mughal emperor Aurangzeb (1618-1707), Sahara Samay reports. Twenty pages of the manuscript were recovered when police, posing as customers, "approached the three persons at the house of one Ram Ratan Yadav ... The moment they were shown a few pages of the text of Gulistan, the policemen arrested Yadav and his two accomplices Bajrangi Singh and Rajesh Kumar."

"The manuscript, said to have been gifted to former Maharaja of Tekari in Bihar's Gaya district late Gopal Sharan Singh by the ruler of a principality in Rajasthan, was stolen from the locker in the office of Tekari Raj International School on the night of December 10 last year," the report adds.

Four additional suspects - Buta Singh, Pintu Singh, Neeraj Singh and Jyoti Singh - are sought.

There isn't any obvious connection between this case and the theft/recovery of an Aurangzeb Quran back in March (here).