Saturday, September 15, 2007

Simpson Releases TX Money

The Houston Chronicle reports the latest from the Crockett Contretemps: on Friday, Texas Historical Commission head John Nau told the paper that the dealer who sold Texas the Davy Crockett letter "is no longer requiring the purchase price to be held by a neutral party until the authenticity of the document is verified. ... Nau did not elaborate or explain further, although he said the contract is still in force as the state attempts to determine authenticity."

It's not entirely clear what the immediate implications of this move are, but it is becoming increasingly more likely that Simpson Galleries will never see that $550,000.

"Nau said the commission is seeking 'the absolute best forensic analysis and expert handwriting analysis' and defended the state's contract and splashy announcement, saying officials wanted to prevent anyone else from buying the letter first." He did not announce the names of those involved with the consultations.