Friday, September 28, 2007

Student Book-Thief Caught, Fined

Via Shelf:Life, news from Lincolnshire that Thomas Ashton, 22, " stole more than 120 books from the University of Lincoln library between October 2006 and July 2007." Ashton, who graduated from the university this summer, sold more than 60 books on eBay before a buyer noticed the library stamp and called police; another 69 books were discovered at Ashton's home.

Ashton told police he'd carried out the thefts by "photocopying the bar codes of the books he did not like and attaching them to the ones he wanted so he could disable the security tag and leave the premises without arousing suspicion." I wouldn't think that method would work, but apparently it did in Lincoln.

Ashton "expressed remorse and regret and said he was willing to pay all of the costs to the university"; magistrates ordered him to pay £1,500 in compensation to the library, plus a £500 fine and £43 in court costs.

Once again judges pass up a perfect opportunity to set an example.