Thursday, December 13, 2007

Links & Reviews

Since my list of things to link to was starting to overflow, an extra collection of links this week:

- BibliOdyssey has engravings from works on magnetism by Athanasius Kircher. I'm partial to the last image (and the story behind it). They've also got a miscellany post with a little bit of everything.

- There's a new blog in town: Notes for Bibliophiles, by the Special Collections staff at the Providence Public Library. Good stuff. I've added a link.

- The Telegraph reports that the British Library has paid £1.1 million for the papers of Sir Harold Pinter. "Highlights include a run of letters from the Irish writer Samuel Beckett, an 'amusing' exchange of correspondence with the poet Philip Larkin, and a draft of Sir Harold's unpublished memoirs of his youth, The Queen Of All The Fairies." The BL plans to have the collection processed and open to researchers by the end of next year.

- Critical Mass reports the results of a survey on the ethics of book reviewing.

- Travis comments on the appeals of the Transy Four, noting in conclusion "I don’t know the likelihood of these arguments convincing three (or, I guess, only two) federal appeals judges to remand back to the district court for re-sentencing, but I can’t imagine the odds are in the boys’ favor. It seems to me that the sentencing judge got it about right. But I’m happy to see these idiots spending whatever money they have left on an attenuated appeals process." Read the whole post.

- Ian is back with a whole series of good posts at Lux Mentis, Lux Orbis - he includes some awfully nice words about my meager efforts here.

- Scott Brown comments on the end of the Crockett Contretemps, and includes some of Kevin Mac Dowell's thoughts as posted on Ex-Libris.