Friday, December 14, 2007


We got a fast and furious snowstorm yesterday afternoon here in Boston; about ten inches (or so) fell in nine hours. You'd think from how the evening commute went (or, rather, didn't go) that the Hub had never seen snow before, but after some very long, very frustrating trips, everyone seems to have gotten home safely (I walk, so things were pretty much normal for me). The snow ended by around 10 p.m., so the roads were (mostly) clear by this morning.

I came into the library early to help clear out the front sidewalks, and enjoyed a very pleasant walk along the quiet streets (Simon and Garfunkel's "freshly fallen silent shroud of snow" sprang to mind). The sky then was still slate-grey, but by 8 the sun was shining and the clouds had almost completely vanished. We had quite a workout with the sidewalks, but thankfully the snow was mostly light and easily moved. The next storm, headed our way for this weekend, doesn't look quite so pleasant.

There doesn't seem to be too much major biblio-news this morning. I've still got to finish looking over the rest of the Sotheby's sales results from yesterday; I'm sure there are some notable prices aside from the Beedle the Bard craziness, but not much seems to have happened overnight. So, just for a laugh this morning, I pass along the Colonel's recent Cartoon Characters in the News report.

More once I've recovered from the most exercise I've had in recent (or, for that matter, distant) memory.