Monday, June 30, 2008

Document Theft: Not a New Problem

In weeding some old catalog cards from our files last week, a colleague stumbled across a wonderful description of a long-since-deaccessioned photocopy of a broadside:

"1799. Dec. 10
Mexico. Governor.
“ . . . Viceregal decree prohibiting the extraction of papers, documents, and books from their archives and libraries, and their sale to biscuit-makers, rocket-makers, apothecaries, shopkeepers, and the like, for consumption in their trades. Mexico City, December 10, 1799. [n.p., 1961]
Broadside, [4 p.] 47 x 33 cm."

I haven't yet found an image of the broadside, but the text is here (via the very cool LegislaciĆ³n Mexicana)