Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Potter Prequel Sells

The Harry Potter prequel made £25,000 at last night's charity auction, The Guardian reports. They offer a bit more about the text: "Rowling's micro-story is set three years before Harry's birth and features the characters Sirius Black and James Potter, Harry's father. The story opens with a youthful Sirius and James cornered by two irate policemen at the end of a high-speed motorbike chase. After a cheeky exchange with the policemen, the two teenage characters make their escape - using broomsticks, "drumsticks" and just a little bit of magic."

Oh, and in August, the BBC adds, Waterstone's (the sponsor of the charity auction) will be publishing a book containing the texts on all thirteen of the cards sold ... so if you're desperate for your Potter fix, you'll be able to get it then.

[Update: Here's the text, courtesy of Waterstone's. How's that for (near) instant gratification?]