Sunday, August 31, 2008

Links & Reviews

- The Washington Post's Book World section this week includes a preview of forthcoming fall books, including new bios of Andrew Jackson, John Muir, and Samuel Johnson, a history of Champlain's voyages by David Hackett Fischer, &c.

- August's Biblio Unbound is out, and includes a feature on the McSweeney's phenomenon, among other things.

- Apropos of my post earlier this week, Nick Basbanes forwarded this really interesting Poe essay on anastatic printing, which appeared in the Broadway Journal in 1845.

- J.L. Bell, continuing in his role as History Mythbuster, tackles the bizarre and inaccurate essay about the signers of the Declaration of Independence usually titled "The Price They Paid." His first post points out all the rebuttals that have been made to this piece over the years, and his second examines the origins of the essay. A third, just out as I'm writing, asks who really paid the biggest price.

- Laura's discovered some fascinating backstory to an imprint she discovered in one of the miniature books she discussed last week: "Printed for Tho. Boreman, Bookseller, near the two giants in Guildhall, London. 1741." Neat story, which just goes to show all the fun little corners of book history out there to delve into.

- Brendan at points out the Brookline Booksmith archive of objects found in books.


- At Salon, Laura Miller reviews Ian McNeely and Lisa Wolverton's Reinventing Knowledge: From Alexandria to the Internet.

- In the Boston Globe, Kevin O'Kelly reviews Edward Dolnick's The Forger's Spell.