Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Atlases, Maps Stolen in London

Daniel Crouch of Bernard Shapero Rare Books reported today that a number of atlases and maps were stolen from a client's Mayfair office last Thursday, 27 November. Crouch asks that any dealers or librarians approached about any of these items please contact the police. The rough list below provides author, publication date, publication place, title, format, maps, binding, and coloration. A list of loose maps to follow.

Anville JB d' 1738-1740 Paris [Geographie ancienne] Folio. 12 engr maps Contemporary sprinkled calf Wardington light outline

Arbuckle Bros Coffee 1889 New York Arbuckle's Illustrated Atlas of Fifty Principal Nations of the World Atlas of coffee trading cards. 12 sheets, each with 4 chromolithographic maps. Original twisted string tie printed

Arrowsmith A 1842 An Atlas of Ancient Geography for the use of King's College School 8vo. 19 Engr maps. cloth-backed boards outline

Arrowsmith A Jr 1841 A Comparative Atlas of Ancient and Modern Geography, from Original Authorities, and upon a New Plan, for the use of Eton School Sm folio. 53 engr maps, paired modern / ancient. Title page dated 1828, but maps dated 1841. orig half calf over green cloth covered boards; covers separated, spine missing Robert Allfrey (bookplate)

Bellin JN 1771 Paris Description Geographique du Golfe de Venise et Moree Large 4to. 49 maps and plans. Contemp half calf over marbled boards; spine repaired no

Bocage Barbie du 1794 London Travels of Anacharsis the Younger in Greece, during the middle of the fourth century before the Christian Aera 1st Eng ed. 7 vols of 8vo text only - no atlas. Contemp tree-calf, lavishly gilt Sir John Gladstone

Boutatts 1687c Antwerp Beschyrivinge van het Koninck-ryck Morea. Oblong 8vo. Dedication to F Morosini. Lacking some text pages . 36 maps. old calf several ownership inscriptions (1734, 1823,.)

Cellarius C 1755 Geographia Antiqua. 8vo. 26 folding maps. Pub S&E Ballard. Contemp calf no

Colom J, Ram J de, Robyn J 1680-1686c Amsterdam [Mediterranean Sea chart routier] [First map is J de Ram, Paskaart van de Middelandsche Zee, with Robyn imprint . Others by JA Colom.] Folio. 9 double-pg charts, mounted back to back. Contemporary limp board. no

Coronelli V 1687 Paris Description geographique et historique de la Moree; reconquise par les venitiens. Du Royaume de Negrepont, des lieux circonvoisins, et de ceux qu'ils ont soumis dans la Dalmatie, & dans l'Epire Folio. First French Folio ed; pub N Langlois. 23 folding plates, 4 half-pg plates, 24 full-pg plates. Modern antique-style
blindstamped calf. la marquise J de Preaulx no

Cowperthwait etc 1854 Philadelphia Mitchell's Ancient Atlas, Classical and Sacred. 12 maps Orig paper covered boards yes

Crescenzio Bartolomeo 1607 Rome Nautica Mediterranea 1st ed, 2d issue. 4to. Engr folding map of Mediterranean coastline. Contemp limp vellum Parsons no

Dapper 1688 Amsterdam Naukeurige Beschryving van Morea eertijts Peloponnesus; en de Eilanden, Gelegen onder de kusten van Morea. Atlas/book. Folio. 37 maps. Contemp vellum. no

Heather W 1802 London The New Mediterranean Pilot containing two hundred and twenty-four accurate plans of the principal harbours, bays, roadsteads, and islands in the Mediterranean Sea.
Oblong 8vo. Title references to Bremond, Ayrouard, J Wilson, and JF Dessiou. Engr maps. Contemp half calf Thos. Cook (inscription)

Hornius G 1660 Amsterdam Accuratissima orbis delineatio, sive geographia vetus

[Janssonius, Atlas Novus vol 6] Folio. 66 maps (index calls for 53). 18th c mottled calf, heavily gilt Macclesfield no Justinus MJ /

Grynaeus S 1539 Basel Ex Trogo Pompeio historia 1st ed. Small 4to. Simon Grynaeus edition of Marcus Junianus Justinus's epitome of the lost "Philippic Histories" of Pompeius Trogus. 5 full-pg woodcut maps. Early vellum. Title inked on spine. no

Letts 1884 London Atlas of Classical Geography Sm folio. 23 dbl-pg lithographed maps. Late reissues and reductions of SDUK historical maps. Embossed maroon cloth boards. Contents loose. Original

Moll H 1784 [London] Bowles's Geographia Classica 4to. 32 dbl-pg or folding engr maps. Contemp calf boards no

Ortelius A 1609 Antwerp Parergon Sive Veteris Geographie Aliquot Tabulae Folio. 37 maps and views on 38 dbl-pg sheets. Modern full ochre morocco, gilt key motif on cover, by Sangorski and Sutcliffe Original

Reinoldi 1761 Etonaw Pomponii Melae de situ Orbis Libri Tres 4to. 2d ed. Engr plates (26?). Pub "typis et cura J Pote" Rebacked in later cloth, new endpapers.

Rosaccio G 1604 Tevigi Mondo Elementare et Celeste di Gioseppe Rosaccio Cosmografo & Dottore in Filosofia, & Medicina

Seller J 1786 London The English Pilot. Describing the Sea-Coasts, Capes, head-Lands, Bays, Roads, Harbours, Rivers and Ports; together with the soundings, sands, rocks and dangers in the whole Mediterranean Sea Pub Mount and Page. Folio. 17 engr sea charts , 15 engr harbor plans, many woodcut plans and coastal profiles. With J Adams, Directions for the Mediterranean Pilot Contemporary speckled calf Wardington no

Solinus CJ 1543 Basel Polyhistor. Folio. 2d ed by S Munster. 16 vignette maps, 2 full-pg maps and 2 folding maps, all woodcut. Contemp vellum. no

Trimmer Mrs 1811 A Geographical Companion to Mrs Trimmer's Scripture, Antient, and English Abridged Histories, with prints a new edition 12mo. 10 engr maps. calf hand