Monday, December 22, 2008

Article in L&CR

Since I have now seen a hard copy of the journal itself, I guess it's fair game to note (begging your indulgence for the personal announcement, of course) that my article "'A Library of the Most Celebrated & Approved Authors': The First Purchase Collection of Union College" is in the current issue of Libraries & the Cultural Record (43:4, 2008, pp. 367-396). The piece, which is a portion of my Simmons thesis, won the 2008 Justin Winsor Award for the best library history essay. The award is sponsored by the ALA's Library History Roundtable.

My copies of the journal arrived today, a very nice early Christmas present.

Speaking of the Justin Winsor Award, applications for the 2009 prize will be accepted through 15 January. Full info here.

And speaking of Justin Winsor, the prize I offered way back in March still goes unclaimed, but the offer stands!