Wednesday, March 26, 2008


A prize to the first person who can find me an available-for-purchase copy of Justin Winsor, Scholar-Librarian (edited by Wayne Cutler and Michael H. Harris). It was published by Libraries Unlimited in 1980 (ISBN 0872872009).

Significance will be explained soon, but I'm anxious to find a copy of this title.


Unknown said...

I don't know of an available copy for purchase, but you could try emailing co-author Dr. Michael Harris (a Professor at the Univ. of Kentucky) at: His webpage is here:

Not sure if that helps, but it looks like the usual antiquarian and used book stores don't have it, although various libraries do.


JBD said...

That's a good call, I'll do that. I've emailed the publisher too, but no answer from them so far. Will keep everyone posted!

JBD said...

Darn. Email bounced. Will look around to see if I can find another address.