Saturday, March 22, 2008

Book Review: "The Serpent's Tale"

As expected, Ariana Franklin has penned a sequel to last year's Mistress of the Art of Death. The Serpent's Tale (Putnam) features most of the same characters, but Adelia's charge this time is to discover the killer of King Henry II's favorite mistress before England erupts into civil war. Like the earlier book, this one captures some interesting practices and custom of medieval England, and, while not literature of the highest order, kept my attention well and offered a nice little mystery to mull over.


jgodsey said...

I have read both books, and as much as I enjoyed them, I am beginning to tire of the deus ex machina endings, I think they are a very lazy way to wrap things up. hmm perhaps it is regis ex machina.

JBD said...

Yes, it's true - but I just figure that's her schtick ... I was fully prepared for good ole Henry to ride to the rescue this time.