Monday, March 17, 2008

Book Review: Letters from a Nut

If you're looking for an absolutely hilarious way to spend a few hours, I wholeheartedly recommend Letters from a Nut, an utterly ridiculous collection of correspondence between the pseudonymous Mr. Ted L. Nancy and various businesses, hotels, restaurants, casinos and other organizations. Mr. Nancy. I can't remember reading anything at which I've laughed out loud with such frequency (after one trip I decided I had to read it at home so people on the train wouldn't think me deranged).

Mr. Nancy (who may be Jerry Seinfeld, the author of the book's introduction) writes to make suggestions (for new types of underwear, candy, &c.), ask permission (to bring 2200 red ants into a hotel room, for example, or to travel by plane wearing his Angelo the Rotting Radish costume), inquire about lost objects (a tooth, a Prussian military sword, a bag of otter hair) ... you get the idea. The letters are a riot, and the responses tend to be even funnier.

Silly, fun and completely enjoyable. And, I discovered when looking up the LT-link to the title, there are sequels! Oh boy!

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