Thursday, March 27, 2008

Brubaker Case Hits the News

Back in January I noted reports that a major book/map theft case was about to hit the news. Smithsonian Magazine has a piece on the story now, reporting that the December search of Brubaker's house revealed "roughly 1,000 books from the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries that had been taken from at least 100 university and local libraries across the country," plus "some 20,000 individual pages of maps and other documents, each apparently ripped from a book."

The Smithsonian article does not name the suspect [James Brubaker, if the earlier reports hold] but notes that an indictment is (still) expected. More if I can get it.

[Update: Thanks to MTHistory for adding a comment. Yes, the Great Falls Tribune is reporting this afternoon that James Brubaker, 74 73, has been arrested and made an initial court appearance today. This is a follow-up to their story in today's newspaper which provides some further background on the case. There will almost certainly be more in tomorrow's newspapers about this, so I'll keep updating as events warrant.]

[Further update: Television reports say Brubaker was charged with interstate transportation of stolen property, and add "Authorities say hundreds of maps and lithographs found during the search were in envelopes ready for sale on the Internet."]

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MThistory said...

The Great Falls Tribune reports:

Book-bagger suspect nabbed in Great Falls

Police arrested a Great Falls man Thursday (March 27, 2008) on charges related to the theft of valuable historic books and documents from libraries across the United States and Canada.

Good news for book lovers everywhere... I hope they can make the charges stick.