Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Recent Catalogs

- Oak Knoll's having a Bibliographies Sale for March: 588 titles offered.

- E.K. Schreiber Rare Books offer their Spring List [PDF]. Forty-five titles, published from 1467-1767. The list is elegantly designed, with very nice descriptions.

- Philadelphia Rare Books and Manuscripts has a whole bunch of new web catalogs up - these are always eminently browsable, well-illustrated and with a great selection of books. The list: Illustrated Books, Arabica, Agriculture, Conduct, and 18th Century. They write "The first and last of these are long, and we have taken to reminding webshop visitors that it can be rewarding, when it comes to such extensive offerings, to be merrily illogical. Instead of starting at "A" and marching on through, try a Bi-Bz or a Cor-Cz, then K-Le, then N-Pk - let chance have its chance, as it would if you were poking around on our *actual* shelves here at the Arsenal!"

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