Saturday, March 29, 2008

Book Review: "More Letters from a Nut"

As soon as I discovered there were sequels to Letters from a Nut (review) I knew I'd have to pick them up before long, and did (for less than $1 apiece, by the way - behold, the magic of the Internet). Ted L. Nancy's zany correspondence continues in More Letters from a Nut, in which our faithful nut requests information about 'upcoming' nude baboon races, asks permission to open 1,032 Hungry Mosquito Restaurants in Las Cruces, and gets Dick Butkus to sign a spatula. As amusing as the first book, particularly for the number of responses in this volume which seem completely unphased by Nancy's completely outlandish comments.

One of the most amusing exchanges (of many) from these letters comes toward the end of the book, when Nancy writes to the Turkish Department of Tourism requesting information on how to bring his camel, Andrew, to Turkey to participate in one of the annual Camel Wrestling Festivals. Nancy writes "Please tell me when is the best time to come to Turkey and watch camel wrestling? I would like to travel with Andrew but I will come alone if my camel can not get a good rate from the airlines. The bus company lets him travel as a senior. He looks out the window. I have disguised him as a hairy older women named Margaret."

Hulya Ulgun (Directoress of the Izmir Directorate of Tourism) writes back in part "We searched the ways bring Andrew here. None of the airlines can accept Andrew. Yo should look for the ways of bringing Andrew by a ship. You'll probably have to disguise him again as a 'hairy older woman named Margaret.'"

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