Friday, March 07, 2008

Recent Acquisitions

- Penn State has acquired a collection of Ernest Hemingway correspondence called "the last sizeable and significant known collection of the famed novelist's letters still in private hands. Amassed by his sister Madelaine "Sunny" Hemingway Mainland and passed on to her son, Ernest Hemingway Mainland, the set includes more than 100 unpublished letters, telegrams, and notes from Hemingway to his family between 1917 and 1957." The archive will be cataloged and available for research use later in the year.

- Emory University will house an 1,100-box collection of materials from the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, a major civil rights organization. "Highlights of the collection include photographs documenting events such as voter registration workshops during the civil rights movement, and drafts of speeches by Ralph David Abernathy and others - many annotated in the hands of their authors." Emory purchased the archive for an undisclosed sum.

- And from BYU, a brief overview of the special collections acquisitions process.

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