Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Secret's Out!

I've a post over at LibraryThing which explains my radio silence this weekend - I was trying to edit 1,600+ books in John Adams' library. That proved slightly ambitious in the end: I'm still only about halfway done. I probably could have finished, but I figured sleep was a little more important. So we've released JA's library in beta form, and I'll continue the process of adding notes, reviews, tags, transcriptions of Adams' marginalia and links to digital scans of the Adams books.

This project is pretty exciting, not only for its timing but also for the level of collaboration we've been able to achieve: LT's MARC guy worked with BPL staff to arrange a batch import of the raw records, and now I'm working with the great JALibrary folks to make the enhancements that will really bring this catalog to life.

I should also note that I've now officially become the "historical consultant" for LT, which I'm pretty excited about. The possibilities are endless!


Bookn3rd said...

What a great project, and congrats on the historical consultant position!

Rachel said...

So cool!


JBD said...

Thanks! I think this is really going to be the best library we've been able to add so far (no offense to TJ, of course) just for all the things we know about the books and all the great enhancements we can make to the records. Great fun!