Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lincoln Sale from the Seller's Perspective

[Apologies for the relative radio silence; I'm trying to finish up Franklin's library on LT and have gotten the bit between my teeth this week, so I've been spending just about every available moment on that project. Hopefully by the end of tomorrow night that will be set!]

Anyway, an interesting news item today: a local t.v. station in upstate New York had reported on the sale of the 1864 Lincoln manuscript speech last week from the perspective of the selling institution (the Southworth Library in Dryden, NY). Trustees decided to sell the document to fund building renovations and add to the library's endowment.

The 1864 Lincoln speech was given to Dryden congressman John Dwight in 1916 by Lincoln's son Robert; Dwight's widow donated it to the library.

[h/t LIS News]