Sunday, October 03, 2010

Links & Reviews

- Whitney Trettien has a great post, "The Erasers & the Annotators: A Remixed Twitter Convo on Library Marginalia (and more)". I love the way she did this.

- Bookseller Brian Cassidy (@briancassidy) is the subject of today's Washington Post "First Person Singular" column.

- Over at the Book Bench, Macy Halford writes on Benjamin Franklin and the early foundations of American libraries.

- A Virginia collector has donated nearly 700 Civil War photographs to the Library of Congress, the WaPo reports. A major exhibition of the photographs is planned for April 2011, and many of the images are available online.

- Author Doug Stewart talks about his The Boy Who Would be Shakespeare in the Lexington Patch.

- Via Reading Copy this week, author-scented candles (quite amusing).

- From The Millions, word that Jack Black will play the title character in a film adaptation of Gulliver's Travels. Watch the preview.

- In Slate, Paul Collins writes on the history of chain letters.


- Ron Chernow's Washington: A Life; reviews by Andrew Cayton in the NYTimes and Andrew Roberts in the WSJ.

- Eric Foner's The Fiery Trial: Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery; review by David Reynolds in the NYTimes.

- James Swanson's Bloody Crimes; reviews by John Waugh in the WaPo and John J. Miller in the WSJ.

- Stephen Breyer's Making Democracy Work; review by David Fontana in the WaPo.

- Daisy Hay's Young Romantics and Richard Marggraf Turley's Bright Star; review by Oliver Herford in the TLS.