Sunday, October 10, 2010

Links & Reviews

- Rob LoPresti, the librarian-hero of the James Brubaker case, talks about his role in the investigation with the Western Front.

- Amherst College president Anthony Marx has been named the new president of the New York Public Library.

- In the WSJ, Allison Hoover Bartlett offers up her choices for the five best books about book collecting.

- An audio interview with Michael Winship about collecting books published by Ticknor and Fields.

- Robert Darnton has a short essay up at NYRB, "A Library Without Walls" (about the creation of a National Digital Library). It's a good piece, as Darnton's tend to be - I hope it actually starts something!

- Via John Overholt, excellent news that the sale catalog of (part of) Boswell's library has been digitized.

- From Sarah at Wynken de Worde, more thoughts on reading e-books.

- Over at Lux Mentis, Ian's got a video tour of his booth at the Seattle Antiquarian Book Fair for those of us not lucky enough to be in attendance.

- A look at a huge (~24,000 items) collection of bookseller labels. Very neat.

- Michael Russem passes along a fascinating video that made the rounds last week: "How Ink is Made."


- David Wootton's Galileo; review by Manjit Kumar in the Telegraph.

- Simon Winchester's Atlantic; review by Philip Hoare in the Telegraph.

- Bill Bryson's At Home; review by Dominique Browning in the NYTimes.

- Several new books on the Tea Party, including those by Kate Zernike and Jill Lepore; review by Alan Brinkley in the NYTimes.