Sunday, January 06, 2013

Links & Reviews

Happening recently:

- Matthew Haley has been appointed head of Books, Maps, and Manuscripts for the UK wing of Bonhams, after four years in New York as a specialist in fine books for the auction house (during which time he also launched the annual Space History Sale for Bonhams). Congratulations to Matthew on this appointment!

- Bookseller Ken Karmiole has established a $100,000 endowment at UCLA to fund archival studies and lectures in the field.

- From the Rare Book Cataloging at Penn, blog, a student worker's perspective on jumping into the world of cataloging.

- The AE Monthly for January is up: it includes Michael Stillman's annual look at the top 500 auction items for 2012, a discussion of the recent Graham Arader sale and a piece on the Old South Bay Psalm Book decision by Bruce McKinney, among other articles.

- Reporting for the WSJ this week, Barry Newman explores the market for authors' archives, highlighting bookseller Ken Lopez and the recent acquisition by Yale of the papers of N. Scott Momaday.

- The British tabloid The Sunday Sun reports that authorities will hold an inquest into the apparent suicide of book thief Raymond Scott.


- G. Thomas Tanselle's Book-Jackets: Their History, Form, and Use; review by Robin at Bookride.

- John Glassie's A Man of Misconceptions; review by Jad Abumrad in the NYTimes. Reviewed jointly with Lawrence M. Principe's The Secrets of Alchemy and John Freely's Before Galileo by Laura J. Snyder in the WSJ.

- Bernard Bailyn's The Barbarous Years; review by Charles C. Mann in the NYTimes.

- Simon Garfield's On the Map; review by Simon Winchester in the WaPo.

- Stephane Gerson's Nostradamus; review by Joshua Blu Buhs in the WaPo.