Sunday, January 13, 2013

Links & Reviews

- Via the ILAB Blog, a list of books believed stolen from the library of the Abbey of Montecassino by de Caro and/or his associates. They include at least six incunables, some of them Aldine imprints, and several early Galileo editions, among others.

- Over on the Appendix blog, a food and drug miscellany.

- At 8vo, Brooke tries out tapestry with "Don Saltero's Coffeehouse: Or a Secret History of the Museum."

- From Mills Kelly, "Back of the Book History," on physical data in books, with some analysis of what library circulation records might be able to tell us.

- Sarah Werner has posted her talk from this year's MLA, "Make Your Own Luck," at Wynken de Worde.

- The Bodleian Library is looking to raise £2.2 million to fund the purchase of an archive of material related to early photographer William Henry Fox Talbot.


- Jared Diamond's The World Until Yesterday; reviews by David Brooks in the NYTimes and David Ulin in the LATimes.

- James O'Brien's The Scientific Sherlock Holmes and Maria Konnikova's Mastermind; review by Matthew Hutson in the WSJ.

- Antonio Forcellino's Raphael; review by James Hall in the TLS.

- Susan Rennie's Jamieson's Dictionary of Scots; review by Robert Crawford in the TLS.