Friday, July 25, 2008

Wrongful Death Suit Filed in Comstock Case

Missouri police are still waiting for the results of DNA testing before they file charges for the murder of Springfield lawyer/book collector Rolland Comstock. But Comstock's adopted daughter, Faith Stocker, is sick of waiting; she's filed a wrongful death suit against Comstock's ex-wife Alberta, the News-Leader reports. Alberta Comstock and her son Michael are widely considered the main suspects in the case.

Stocker's suit seeks "unspecified damages for funeral costs and the 'mental anguish' caused by Rolland Comstock's untimely demise. It also requests punitive damages 'for aggravating circumstances sufficient to punish Defendant and to deter others similarly situated from like conduct in the future ...'."

Police officials say that the case is still active, and that they continue to await test results.

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