Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pamphlet APB

Even though I still haven't managed to find a copy of the subject of my last book APB (sadly, Japanese Amazon failed to deliver), I'm going to try again.

This one I don't even need an original copy of, just a photocopy. The pamphlet is "True narrative of the early life and cruel abduction of M. Jean-Népomucène-August Pichauld, Comte de Fortsas with an exposé of the supposed Fortsas hoax," trans. Véronique Vuilly. University City, Mo. : Contre Coup Press, [1983?]. It's a 22-page pamphlet with French and English text on facing pages.

150 copies were printed, "most of which," according to the colophon, "are for the Fifth Exchange of the Society of Private Printers." Six libraries have it, says WorldCat, and I've emailed their Rare Books rooms, so hopefully those will pan out. But in the meantime, if anyone's got a copy or has access to one, I'd really appreciate hearing of it.

[Update: Huzzah for the Special Collections Department at the University of Delaware; they're sending along a copy. APB rescinded.]