Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Second Book Stolen from Hayes Library Located

By way of updating the Hayes Library Theft story, federal authorities report that they have located the first book stolen by Joshua McCarty and Angela Bays, the 1798 Freeman Code. This is the one sold by McCarty to a Philly book dealer and by them to a buyer in England (although investigators will only say at this point that the book is in "another country").

McCarty and Bays appeared in federal court in Toledo yesterday, where a judge (wisely) refused to grant McCarty an "unsecured bond and electronic monitoring." Prosecutors are preparing a case for a federal grand jury. The third trio member, Zachary Scranton, has an arraignment date tomorrow.

The Toledo Blade article also includes photos of McCarty and Bays, and lays out some new rare book procedures now in place at the Hayes Presidential Center (the barn door seems to be closing at long last).