Monday, September 08, 2008

Stolen Books Alert

The following notice just came across the wire:

Stolen from Old South Church in Boston on September 7, 2008.
Contact: Helen McCrady, 617-425-5145

Missing Volumes
1. A Complete Body of Divinity, by Samuel Willard (a large book) (MDCCXXVI)
2. John Hull's Notebook (1652) including Mr. Thatcher's Artillery Election Sermon (1671), handwritten
3. Psalms Carefully Suited to the Christian Worship (1818)
4. Bible, inscribed "A. B. Phillips the gift of Mama 1800 or 1802. Mariam Mafore's (sp.?) book given her by the Rev. Mr. Allen Cummings Jan. 1, 1762"
5. Memoirs of the late Susan Huntington of Boston, by Benjamin Wisner , Pastor of the Old South Church in Boston (1829)

Missing Pamphlets
1. The Preface a summary account of the occasion of the following sermons (concerning the earthquake) "The Old South Church from H.A. Hill 1888".
2. Original Manuscript Sermon, by Dr. Eckely, former minister of Old South Church, for Rev. M. Manning
3. A Charge to a Pastor, by D. Samuel Blair (autographed, handwritten)
4. Sermon Preached, by Thomas Thatcher at the Old South April 24, 1670 (handwritten)
5. Letter to Hamilton Hill from Peter Thatcher (April 23, 1888)
6. Autographed notes of address, by Rev. Joseph Sewell (handwritten)
7. Sheet with seal, Thomas Prince (handwritten)
8. Funeral Sermon on my d. Mother w deceased at Middleboro, by Thomas Prince (1737, handwritten)
9. Remarks on Cause and Effect in connection with Fatalism and Free Agency, by Rev. L. Wood