Saturday, June 20, 2009

Auction Report: Arader Sale Results

Yesterday's Graham Arader Sale at Sotheby's (discussed here) netted $3,259,884. There were 204 lots in the sale catalog, of which 167 are listed in the full results. Many of the expected highlights appear not to have sold: the 1513 Ptolemaic atlas; Redouté's Les Liliacées (1802-1816) and Les Roses (1817); a second edition of Catesby; a 1769 Bonner map of Boston; and Blaeu's 11-volume Atlas Major (1662-1665) are not listed among the results.

The highlights among those lots that did sell:

- An 1839 Robert Salmon oil painting, "Royal Naval Vessels Off Pembroke Dock, Milford Haven," made $242,500.

- A first American issue (pirated) of George Catlin's Indian Portfolio (1845) made $230,500.

- An unbroken copy of François Levaillant's Histoire naturelle des perroquets (Paris: 1801-05), made $194,500.

- Peter Rindisbacher's watercolor "Hunting the Bison" (1825) made $158,500.

- A Robert Havell, Jr. oil painting combining two of Audubon's most famous birds of prey (Red-tailed Hawk and Osprey) fetched $134,500.

- The Thomas Jeffreys American Atlas (1776) sold for $116,500.

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templarnuts said...

the sale of Mr Arader was a success especially in a depressed economy and market and with the insecurity of an economic future in the US. The lots proposed where top quality and since the owner possessed the top of the lines in rare books, prints and watercolours, he was not willing to sacrify them to please prospective buyers ot bargain hunters. Lots without a reserve reached very good prices since the lots concerned where desirable and I was lucky to get one original Redouté vellum from Empress Josephine coll.
Thanks to Mr. Arader some charities will profit from his sale and it is remarkable...
Alexandre de Bothuri B
Art historian and collector