Saturday, June 27, 2009

This Week's Acquisitions

A box of wonderful goodies arrived from Colophon Books this week:

- Robert Dodsley: Poet, Publisher & Playwright by Ralph Straus (Burt Franklin, 1968). Colophon.

Forged Documents: Proceedings of the 1989 Houston Conference; edited by Pat Bozeman (Oak Knoll, 1990). Colophon.

Printing and Society in Early America; edited by William L. Joyce, David D. Hall, Richard D. Brown, and John B. Hench (American Antiquarian Society, 1983). Colophon.

A Directory of Printing, Publishing, Bookselling & Allied Trades in Rhode Island to 1865 by H. Glenn Brown (New York Public Library, 1958). Colophon.

The Family Romance of the Impostor-Poet Thomas Chatterton by Louise J. Kaplan (University of California Press, 1989). Colophon.

- The first printing in Jamaica ... with a discussion of the date of the first establishment of a press on the Island by Robert Baldwin. With a facsimile of the earliest extant Jamaican imprint, the second edition of the Pindarique Ode, the only known copy of which is preserved in Chetham's Library, Manchester, England; by Douglas C. McMurtrie (Priv. pr., 1942). Colophon.

- Charles Thomas Jackson: The Head Behind the Hands by Richard J. Wolfe and Richard Patterson (Norman Publishing, 2007). Book cart.

- Desolation Island by Patrick O'Brian (W. W. Norton, 1991). Commonwealth.