Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Auction Report: Upcoming

PBA Galleries has a couple upcoming sales of interest:

- On Thursday, 4 March they'll sell a hodgepodge of literature, illustrated book, children's books, and Oziana.

- On Thursday, 18 March they'll sell the Library of Roger Wagner: 214 lots of fine books, Henry Miller materials, and other items. A few big-ticket items here, including a 1584 Ortelius atlas, Miller's Paris notebooks and his typescript draft of Tropic of Capricorn, first editions of Darwin's Origin and Adam Smith, and a Gutenberg Bible leaf.

Bloomsbury London will host the following upcoming sales:

- On Wednesday, 10 March, it's Travel, Science, Antiquarian Books including Travel and Topography (293 lots).

- On Thursday, 18 March they have a Bibliophile Sale (401 lots).

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