Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Great Book Move

Apologies for my radio silence yesterday afternoon; I was in the midst of some major book-shifting. I arranged for a day off so that I could take delivery of six (6) new giant bookshelves (not optimal, but cheap and more easily portable than others). My day was occupied with assembling shelves, rearranging surrounding furniture, cleaning, and getting a large portion of my book collection out of bags and onto the new cases. It was hard work, but enjoyable most of the time.

I'm not done yet. Nothing's in order, which makes for some pretty hilarious shelf-neighbors. My bed is currently parked in the living room since I didn't clean out the room where the books had been yet. I need bookends. And I haven't figured out a good way to light the new space. But the books seem happy, and it's fun to see them all at once. The best news is, I have a couple cases to spare now!

I took a few pictures over the course of the day, which can be seen here.