Thursday, August 09, 2007

(Some) Buck Heirs Reach Accord

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports today on the ongoing dispute among heirs of author Pearl Buck over ownership of the recently-rediscovered typescript of The Good Earth. Yesterday, members of Buck's family and representatives of Pearl S. Buck International announced they'd agreed - after telling their lawyers to butt out - that the children would retain ownership of the document and another 100 boxed of items, but that they could be archivally-stored and displayed at the nonprofit's headquarters. But we knew that. What about the claim put forth by the Pearl S. Buck Birthplace in WV?

Edgar Walsh, Buck's 70-year old son, told the Inquirer "he was unfamiliar with the West Virginia claim but hoped to talk with representatives there and reach a settlement." The chairman of the birthplace foundation said she didn't mind the typescript being displayed in Pennsylvania while its ultimate ownership is being decided, but gave no indication that the birthplace's claim would be abandoned.