Sunday, August 12, 2007

More on Miller

Over at Upward Departure, Travis has two posts containing more information and background on Jay Miller, arrested recently for the theft of rare books from the estate of William Ernest Hocking. Travis notes that Miller lived at one point with ------ ------ [name removed by request] (described as the niece of Hocking's granddaughter), and during that period had "stolen some of the books from the Hocking library and sold them to see how much he could get for them. The family never pressed charges or reported this to the police."

In his second post, Travis reports this isn't the first time Miller's found himself in trouble with the law: "he hasn’t confined himself to these gentle crimes; he’s the owner of two felony convictions for sex offense and a related violence charge. Yikes." He also reveals why Miller's bail request was denied: "the defendant had no stable residential history, no stable form of employment, had substance abuse, & the deft. was scheduled to fly back to Thailand."

Miller certainly sounds like a good candidate for some serious judicial book-throwing.