Saturday, August 04, 2007

A Saturday Night Miscellany

I had other blog-post plans for tonight, but I've been thesising all afternoon and don't have much more typing in me for today.

- Paul Collins reports that the strange 1886 novel Don Miff (which Collins wrote about here) is now available in digital form. Paul: "Don Miff is… well, first let me state that I am reasonably sure that I am correct when I say that Don Miff is the only nineteenth-century novel that is addressed to a tenth-generation descendant living in the twenty-third century." Need any more be said?

- Over at Bookplate Junkie, Lew's got a teaser about some gorgeous watercolor bookplates (more on which tomorrow, he says), and a mysterious bookseller's label that does indeed cry out for explanation.

- From tomorrow's NYTimes Book Review, Adam Goodheart reviews Adrian Tinniswood's The Verneys, and Ligaya Mishan reviews Nicholas Christopher's The Bestiary.

- The Little Professor comments on "library quirks", always a fun topic.