Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Charlottesville-Bound (Soon)

Much of the radio silence around here lately has been because I've been working my way through the reading list for the class I'll be taking at Rare Book School in a couple weeks (Printed Books to 1800: Description and Analysis, with David Whitesell). I'm more than a little excited about the class, and the readings are giving me a great opportunity to read a number of texts that I've dipped in and out of often but have never worked through systematically.

I'll head down to Charlottesville (pics from my last trip down there in June '08 are here) on 5 June. The first week there I'll be in class, and the second week I'll be working with the RBS staff on a project to be determined. It's an opportunity I'm really thrilled to have, and I look forward to sharing lots of field reports and photos.

In the meantime, I've got lots of reading to do (and I've got several other reports to write up and post, so stay tuned!).