Sunday, May 16, 2010

Links & Reviews

- If you read one thing today (well, other than this post), make it Ron Rosenbaum's Slate takedown of Arden Shakespeare's decision to put Double Falsehood into the "canon."

- Ian updates Bookride's list of 20 sites for book collectors.

- The Spring Lapham's Quarterly has a handy chart: Friends, Lovers, and Family, connecting (among others) Lord Byron and Kevin Bacon.

- New AAS Assistant Reference Librarian Tracey Kry posts some first impressions on their blog. Oh, complicated shelving systems!

- In the Guardian, a preview of Bill Bryson's next book, At Home.

- Jack Rakove was on NPR this week to talk about his new book Revolutionaries; there's also an excerpt.

- I'd been wondering about this. The judge assigned to the Google Books Settlement was recently promoted to the Second Circuit; Publisher's Weekly suggested on Friday that Denny Chin might still rule on the proposed settlement, instead of passing it off to another judge.

- Via Salon, a promo-video for Brontë sister action figures.


- Allan Massie's The Royal Stuarts: review by Noel Malcolm in the Telegraph.

- Jonathan Israel's A Revolution of the Mind (and others): review by Samuel Moyn in The Nation.

- Richard Holmes' The Age of Wonder: review by Paula Findlen in The Nation.

- The Oxford Book of Parodies (edited by John Gross): review by Kevin Jackson in the Sunday Times.

- Ben Macintyre's Operation Mincemeat: review by Jennet Conant in the NYTimes.

- Steven Moore's The Novel: An Alternative History: review by Denis Donoghue in the WSJ.

- Robert Alter's Pen of Iron: reviews by Mark Noll in Books & Culture and Adam Kirsch in TNR.