Sunday, May 09, 2010

Links & Reviews

- There's a new blog on the block, courtesy of Laura at bookn3rd - The Cataloguer's Desk, which Laura and other staff at Peter Harrington will be contributing to. Their first post, on William Moon's letter system for the blind, is delightful. They've also begun a Twitter feed. I've added a link on the sidebar to the blog, and subscribed to the feeds.

- In the Globe today, a Q&A with BPL president Amy Ryan.

- Book Patrol notes that Salem OR's Tea Party Bookshop will be changing its name, after many misunderstandings.

- Paul Collins, reprising a theme, comments on the news that Verizon wants to do away with white page phone books in NYC.

- Environmental writer Roger Deakin's archive will go to the University of East Anglia, the Guardian reports.

- A new watermarks site is up.

- About 200 rare books were damaged at Knoxville's Calvin M. McClung Historical Collection this week when the air conditioner malfunctioned. The books have been frozen and will be conserved by Don Etherington in NC.

- A collection of 700+ Edward Gorey items has been donated to Columbia by architectural historian Andrew Alpern.

- Writing in the NYTimes, Michael Kimmelman makes the case that Britain should keep the Elgin Marbles.


- Daisy Hay's Young Romantics: review by Miranda Seymour in the Telegraph.

- Marla Miller's Betsy Ross and the Making of America: review by Laurel Thacher Ulrich in the NYTimes.

- Nick Bunker's Making Haste to Babylon: review by John Demos in the WaPo.