Saturday, May 01, 2010

This Week's Acquisitions

Here's what's new this week:

- American Machiavelli: Alexander Hamilton and the Origins of U.S. Foreign Policy by John Lamberton Harper (Cambridge University Press, 2007). Raven.

- The Haunted Doll's House and Other Ghost Stories by M. R. James (Penguin, 2006). Raven.

- Seeds of Discontent: The Deep Roots of the American Revolution, 1650-1750 by J. Revell Carr (Walker & Company, 2008). Raven.

- The Journal of Samuel Curwen, Loyalist; edited by Andrew Oliver (Harvard University Press, 1972). Raven.

- Notes on Bermuda by Christopher Morley (Henry, Longwell & Another, 1931). Books Again, Inc., via Biblio.

- The Journal of Richard Norwood, Surveyor of Bermuda (Scholars Facsimiles, 2008). Publisher.

- The Shakespeare Riots: Revenge, Drama, and Death in Nineteenth-Century America by Nigel Cliff (Random House, 2007). Used, via Biblio.

- English Bookbinding Styles 1450-1800 by David Pearson (Oak Knoll, 2004). Amazon.

- American Insurgents, American Patriots: The Revolution of the People by T. H. Breen (Hill and Wang, 2010). Publisher.

- Frith of Bermuda, Gentleman Privateer: A Biography of Hezekiah Frith, 1763-1848 by Jean de Chantal Kennedy (Bermuda Bookstores, 1964). Omni Books, via ABE.