Monday, January 12, 2009

And Yet More Raymond Scott News

Shelf:Life has declared today Raymond Scott Day, and justifiably so. There's more news this evening on the second front in the case, Scott's trial for stealing books from a Waterstone's shop in Gateshead back in September.

The Northumberland Gazette reported tonight that Scott changed his plea to guilty today just before his trial was set to begin. The Chronicle adds that the judges ordered him to pay a £255 fine (£90 plus £165 in costs). Scott was told he must pay the minimum £5 per week until the fine is paid in full, or risk going to jail for non-payment. Scott later told reporters that he will not pay the fine "because the amount was totally inappropriate and if they want to send me to prison for non-payment then so be it. Was not Gandhi imprisoned by the British?" Wow.

Today in court Scott's attorney admitted what we've all suspected was probably coming: "... there is a question as to his psychiatric mental health at this time and at the time that this offence was committed."

Court action is still pending for a theft from another arrest in November for a theft in Newcastle (Scott's attorney asked that the case be turned over to Gateshead Magistrates' Court for sentencing, and that Scott will agree to plead guilty to those thefts as well). And of course the investigation into Scott's role in the Durham Folio case continues.

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